If you’re like me when you think of the word storm you think of something to do with the weather like a thunder-storm. There are several definitions for the word storm. One of my favorite uses of the word storm would be “I was so angry I stormed out of the room to cool off.”.

In a previous post titled “clouds” I described what kind of clouds I liked; “The clouds I like the best are the big black ones that bring rain.” So it is with storm. The kind of storm I like best is the kind that brings big black clouds with lots of thunder and lightning and of course heavy rain. In the area where I live rain is always a welcome distraction. Anything that will bring the temperature down a few degrees is blessing.

There have been other storms in my life. When I was a teenager, living at home, the storms were frequent and sometimes very demoralizing. There was always much anger and fear in the house, it was a place I didn’t want to be. I learned several lessons about life and people in that house. Life is not fair and people are usually looking out for themselves not considering the damage they may be causing others.

The Daily Post Prompt – Storm

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