Poetry. When I was in grade school I remember being taught about poetry. I was even required to write a poem. I don’t remember what poem I wrote and I don’t remember what it may have been about. As I read some of the posts in Daily Post Prompts I find many of the responses are poetry. Some I like some I don’t. I also noticed the length of some of the poems. I decided to do an internet search about how to write a poem and discovered there are too many rules and that poetry writing could get quite difficult. One of the poetry styles I read about is called “Cinquain” according to wikHow. I have written in previous post that I’m not very creative but I decided to try my hand at writing a poem. I am writing about my garden because it has slowly been providing me with produce, tomatoes, for a month or more.

earthy fruitful
planting, growing, filling
providing nourishment and health


I realize this is a very lame poem, but I did try to follow the poetry rules.



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