Simple Definition of autonomy

  • : the state of existing or acting separately from others
  • : the power or right of a country, group, etc., to govern itself

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

autonomyIs it possible to attain a state of self-autonomy? I think not. In today’s world the only way I can imagine a person being totally autonomous is to live entirely off the grid. No credit cards, no cellphone, no electricity, no permanent residence etc.

For a period of time several years ago I was what is considered homeless for about three months. I experienced a small version of autonomy in that I was free of paying rent or electric bills. I had no obligations to anyone except myself. I was not completely autonomous because I had a job and was required to pay taxes and I kept my money in a bank account.

I felt a great freedom, a very unique feeling in our present society. Today we are dependent on many institutions and services to make our lives more comfortable. Think of who and what you depend on that allows you to live the life you live.

Briefly: I don’t think countries are able to be autonomous. There is always someone else dictating what countries should and shouldn’t do and we no longer govern ourselves through our government, our government governs us.

We need to remember what Independence Day stands for and what the founders of our country fought for to attain our independence.

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