Saint George Utah

I’ve never been a tourist to a foreign land except Mexico and Canada. I don’t consider those places to be foreign lands, just our close neighbors. I haven’t been to England or South Africa or Russia. I would love to go to Russia.

I have traveled a little in the USA, I’ve been to New York City, Denver Las Vegas and most large cities in California. One of my favorite ways to travel is on the train. I once took a vacation on Amtrak from Salt Lake City to Glacier National Park then to Portland Oregon the Seattle Washington. From Seattle to San Francisco then Reno Nevada and back to Salt Lake.

I live in a tourist town in southern Utah. From time to time each year we have a surplus of tourists, so many that some are not able to find accommodations. We have a couple of annual events that have become very popular. The Saint George marathon is one and the World Senior Games is another. It’s great to see and meet people from all over the world.

I would love to do more traveling but finances are in short supply at this point in my life. Hopefully I will get in one more travel excursion before my time is up.

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