When I worked for the State of Utah in the Department Alcoholic Beverage Control we had a seminar about self-fulfilling prophecy. One of the points that I remember about the seminar is that people create their own destinies by the thoughts they allow to consume their conscious mind. If a person thinks about bad luck all of the time that person will have bad luck. If a person is obsessed about being fat that person will be fat.

I learned that, we, people, need to think about the positive things we want to attain in life. The best positive thing I can think of at this point in my life is being kind and helping to make other people’s lives or days more pleasant. The easiest way to accomplish this kindness is to be friendly and smile at the people you meet in life’s many daily situations. Help those you see that are in need of assistance. Be pleasant to all that are around you. Sometimes being kind will be difficult especially if someone or something has put a dent in your day. Don’t hold grudges, move on when things go wrong. Do your best, don’t let negativity be your life’s self-fulfilling prophecy.


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