Simple Definition of natural

  • : existing in nature and not made or caused by people
  • : coming from nature
  • : not having any extra substances or chemicals added
  • : not containing anything artificial
  • : usual or expected



Natural is the beauty of the great outdoors that is southern Utah.

The greatness of the mountains in Zions National Park.

The desolation of the endless deserts of Nevada.

The grandeur of the Grand Canyon with its twists and turns.  

The beauty of the southern California coastline and the color of the waters of the great Pacific Ocean.

The massiveness of the Sequoia trees that have survived for millennia.

The majesty of the Rocky Mountains with their snow covered peaks.

The mystery of the creation of the planet Earth with all its natural wonders.

Nature is the most natural thing in existence.

When I think of the nature of life I am grateful to be part of it.

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