Lack of Creativity

I don’t pretend to be a gifted writer, in fact sometimes I can’t form complete sentences and I certainly don’t know how to spell very well. Yet there is something inside of me that wants to get out, maybe a book or at least a short story. I have made a few attempts to put my story on paper or rather my computer. I never get very far. I start with a line of thought and write a few sentences or even paragraphs and my mind goes blank or I start wondering what’s on TV. I find that there is something I would rather be doing than putting my thoughts on paper.

I started publishing a website over twenty years ago. I initially had some good ideas and even got feedback from some of my visitors. When my website was new I was very excited about updating it with new information frequently. As time went by I did updates less frequently and finally stopped updating it altogether. Eventually the most I would do would be to change the theme from time to time. My website became very stale. I got no visitors and searching for my website with google or Bing was useless, it just wasn’t found.

More recently I recreated my website to include a blog. I had a WordPress blog for a while but like with my website I quit writing posts. I also had a blog on Blogger. I wrote a couple of articles about my new cat. It was exciting. I got some comments from a few readers. Then how much can you write about a cat.

My newly created website contained some of my original information because some things don’t change but I decided to put some personal history on my site and some new pictures. That made my website exciting again. I moved my WordPress and Blogger posts to my recreated website and decided to try blogging again. I was writing comments about news articles with quotes of the articles included in the post until I discovered I could be sued for not getting permission from the original author. That put an end to that.

More recently I have been writing my own blog posts using prompts from an eBook titled Writing 101. I just got started so there’s not much there. There are some off-the-wall posts and some movie reviews of my favorite childhood movies and even some reviews of TV shows. But the best thing I have done is come to an understanding that writing and posting can be fun and sometimes exhilarating.


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