Up All Night . . .

sleeplessnessOne of the down sides to me having an excellent night’s sleep is the probability that the next night I won’t be able to sleep at all. This happens all to often in my life, no good thing goes unpunished. Or something like that.

It’s 2:54 AM and I’m still waiting for the Sandman to come fly by my window, or stop in for a visit, or what ever it is he’s supposed to be doing. I wonder if the generation that’s growing up now knows what/who the Sandman is. I guess that would depend on the kid’s parents.

I’ve been dozing off and on for about four hours now, but no good deep sleep, makes for a very unpleasant day the next day, or in this case today. Well it’s Sunday, and General Conference to boot, at least I don’t have anything pressing that needs to be done today.

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