Do you ever find that life is very complicated? Sometimes everything will be going along smoothly and life is good. Then all of a sudden someone throws a monkey wrench into the works and you’re thrown completely off balance. I ordered a prescription refill the other day. Very simple task. The next thing I know the prescription is messed up because the insurance company will only pay for half of the prescription, which is okay, but the pharmacy’s computer system won’t allow the prescription to be cut in half so I lose one refill to the computer bit bucket when I request a refill, so my prescription runs out in three refills instead of five. It’s a little more complicated than that but for this explanation this will work. I go through this mess-up every six months. I have to go to my doctor to get two prescriptions written so the pharmacy and the insurance company will understand. Another thing, every time this happens a clerk at the pharmacy tries to explain it to me by being condescending, like I don’t know how things work. But I know very well how things work, I’ve been going through the same routine since I went on Medicare. I guess the best way to correct the problem is to get the hand written prescriptions first and not request an online refill every six months.

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