Sunday Evening

A rainy afternoon today, a rather gloomy day all day.

I’m having a hard time thinking of anything to write this evening. I haven’t done very much since my latest no sleep episode.

I’m drowsy all day but when bed time comes I can’t fall asleep.

I spent a lot of time working on my website; (what is the proper spelling of website? website or web site?) I’m not sure. I’ll look it up.

Web site vs. website

“A few editorially conservative publications still use the two-word Web site, but this relic of the 1990s has fallen out of favor throughout the English-speaking world. The one-word, uncapitalized website now prevails by an overwhelming margin.”

“Exceptions are easily found, however, especially in American sources, where Web site (or web site, without the capital w) appears about once for every six instances of website. This is likely due to the influence of the New York Times, which is notoriously conservative with tech terms. The Times still uses Web site, and many American publications follow suit. Yet even those that often use Web site in their more closely edited sections tend to allow website in their blogs and other web-only sections. The exception, again, is the New York Times, where the one-word form is rare even on the blogs.”

“While Web site is still doing well in the U.S., it is all but dead in the U.K. Current Google News searches limited to U.K. publications find only about one instance of Web site (or web site) for every thousand instances of website. The ratio is similar in Australian and New Zealand publications. In Canada, the ratio is somewhere in the middle—about 20 to one in favor of the one-word form.”

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