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I was thinking of something to write about this morning and decided to look at some other people’s blog posts. I realized there are so many creative minds in the world and I started wondering where is my creative mind? I know it’s in there someplace and I can feel it trying to come out but something is blocking its path.

While I lay in bed waiting to fall asleep I sometimes come up with a germ of an idea of what to write about, but before I can make a mental note (or a physical note) I fall asleep and the idea is gone. Now and then the idea finds its way into my conscious mind during my waking hours.

Last night the thought came to me that there is way too much ‘how to blog information’. The how to blog information from every writer is not always the same. The bloggers who are interested only in making money have an entirely different idea about blogging than those blogger who are primarily interested in creating interesting and provocative stories. I prefer the bloggers that are making creations to those that are making money.

My interest in blogging is to become more creative and to share stories with anyone that may find my posts. As it stands now I don’t have any readers that I know about and I’m trying to change that fact. My website has been static for so many years it’s having a hard time waking up.

This post is my free writing post for the day, an exercise to coax the creative part of my mind to move a little bit more into the light. Somehow I think it may be working.

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