Favorite Movies of All Time

Writing about my favorite TV show got me thinking that I should include the movies I remember and still watch from my teenage years. I will also include some movies that I became a fan of later in life. I may add additional movies as I remember them.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

I’ll Start with “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. I viewed this movie at the “Southeast Theater” in the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake City, UT. In those days there were free movies on Saturdays.


Journey to the center of the earthIn 1880, newly knighted Sir Oliver Lindenbrook, a renowned scientist teaching at the University of Edinburgh, inadvertently discovers evidence pointing to Arne Saknussemm, an Icelandic scientist from a few centuries earlier, who claimed to have found a pathway from the volcanoes in Iceland to the Earth’s center. Sir Oliver writes to Swedish Professor Peter Goetabaug, an expert in world volcanoes, with his findings before proceeding with an expedition to prove Saknussemm’s claim, but instead of hearing back from Goetabaug, Lindenbrook learns that Goetabaug has taken the information to glorify his own name via his own expedition. Student Alec McKuen (engaged to Lindenbrook’s niece) joins Sir Oliver, quickly embarking for Iceland to beat Goetabaug to the center of the Earth. They find skulduggery in Iceland, with themselves attacked and Goetabaug murdered. Apparently there’s a third party involved, whom they’ll later learn to be Count Saknussemm, a descendant of Arne and a scientist in his own right. By now, Sir Oliver has recruited Hans Belker, a brawny Icelandic farmer with a beloved pet duck named Gertrude, to join them, but he must also reluctantly include Carla, Professor Goetabaug’s widow, who will not provide them with her husband’s prized equipment otherwise. As the four with Gertrude proceed on their precarious journey – with Carla and Sir Oliver often at odds with each other – they are initially unaware of the dangerous Count Saknussemm behind them, a crafty, cold-hearted, imperious man who initially needs to rely on Lindenbrook’s expertise but who will stop at nothing to beat everyone to the Earth’s center, believing this project and all its associated glory rightfully belong to him as a Saknussemm. The question ultimately becomes what to do if they make it to the center.

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