The choices made in the November election are a test of the moral compass of our nation. The nation is being tested; do we want a woman president just for the sake of the gender? Do we choose evil and dishonesty just for the sake of the gender? I think the nation has been presented a choice of two evils. Do we choose the lesser or the greater evil? In a time when only the very wealthy are allowed to run as candidates to be leaders of our nation we as a people must make the right choice. Great change to our society can only come from the local level. Those we choose as our representatives in Washington must be considered carefully – will they lead us into further decay and corruption or will they change the direction and move us onto a more enlightened path?


I haven’t written a post in a very long time. It’s been such a long time I’m not sure how to start. Recently I have heard it said that bloggers should focus on posting information that the main stream media won’t print. I’m not sure if I can do that, I don’t have any sources that provide me with unpublished news feeds. What I do know is I’m not very happy with the way things are going in this country today. I am speaking of the November election. As a country our choices for president say a lot about how far we have fallen since the founding of our country. We have the opportunity to choose from a habitual liar and a conceited narcissist. What kind of president would either one of them make? I believe the habitual liar would continue to move our nation into a communistic socialist society. We are nearly there now. As for the conceited narcissist I’m not sure what his agenda is. It may be to sell out to the highest bidder in the world market. Who knows? In my opinion neither one of them are qualified to lead this nation into continued prosperity for all. Unfortunately moving this country back into prosperity and a position of power is not as easy as recharging a battery.



Alaskan Bear ….

Mt. McKinley National Park: This is a very sad story about a bear…

Everybody should heed the warnings not to feed wildlife because they become dependent and don’t forage for themselves any longer. It is such a tragedy to see what has been done to our country’s wildlife.

The US Forest Service photo below captures a disturbing trend that is beginning to affect U.S. wildlife.

This photo is of a black bear in Alaska turned Democrat.

Animals that formerly were self-sufficient are now showing signs of belonging to the Democrat Party. They have apparently learned to just sit and wait for the government to step in and provide for their care and sustenance.

He’s nicknamed Bearack Obearma. It is believed that he has become a campground organizer.

Black Bears Matter!
Remember:”Black Bears Matter!”


I have a lot of writing to do to catch up on my daily post prompt writing (not going to happen). I am certainly not obsessed with creating a post to answer the prompt challenge every day. In fact, I have lost interest in the daily prompts, that doesn’t mean I won’t start writing more regularly again at some point. It’s unfortunate, but when something I like to do becomes a chore that has to be done every day I tend to lose interest.

I still read posts others write and for the most part I enjoy reading them. I sometimes take inspiration from what I read, and I do find some useful advice from time to time, but I’m not inspired enough to write my own post. Most of the time I don’t feel very creative.

I started taking another WordPress course “Commenting Basics”. The problem is I haven’t actually done any of the challenges yet. I keep putting it off. I’m fearful that I may offend someone or cause discomfort in some way. Not something I want to do. Perhaps in time I will “Just Do It” and start participating in the WordPress community again.


Jack-Bauer-180x265TV Series “24”When I think of dramatic I think of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) from the TV series 24. The drama is never-ending. Jack never gets an even break. He moves from one dramatic situation to another.
I have been watching the series 24 on “Amazon Prime Video” for the past several weeks. It’s the first time I’ve seen most of the episodes. It’s all new to me.

A short blurb from IMDB about the TV series 24.

Jack Bauer, Director of Field Ops for the Counter-Terrorist Unit of Los Angeles, races against the clock to subvert terrorist plots and save his nation from ultimate disaster.

Each season is one 24-hour day. Each episode is one hour of the day. I’ve noticed that the characters in the series never have any time during the 24-hour period to sleep. They are always at work. I’d like to know how they do it. Maybe they sleep between seasons. Whatever they do to keep going the series works for me. 24 is one of my favorite TV shows, it keeps me on the edge of my seat.



It’s been a while since I wrote a post. I’m the kind of person that loses interest in things when they become a task rather than a desire, and writing posts for the “Daily Post” became a chore. I also lost interest because I was writing to please the program rather than to please myself. I had lost my craving to be creative.

I have been reading a lot of posts trying to get an idea or some inspiration to help me write better posts. During this research I also read many “About” pages. I found most “About” pages to be very uninformative. In many cases the about page was written as another blog post not providing any information about the person writing the blog. I think an “About” page should provide information about the writer like a name (at least a first name), a location (where do you live), your gender or a picture of yourself. And a generalization of who you are and what you are interested in. I have started reading the about page first, if there is no information about who you are I generally won’t read your blog posts. I like to know who is writing what I am reading.


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Today I am supposed to write a post using information from one of the comments I’ve made in the past. I reviewed the comments I made and decided there wasn’t one worth writing a post about. I’ve concluded that my comments aren’t worth reading.

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I thought I’d include my picture today on this temporary post that I am writing to test some things that I am trying to do. (Long sentence) Wow. I’m not satisfied with the way WordPress.com’s desktop application is working. I’m trying new and different programs to write and publish my posts. MS Word works well but it lacks the ability to add tags. I need to be able to add tags. If anyone knows of a program that works well publishing to WordPress please let me know. Now if this post is not full of wind (airbag) I guess I’m cheating again. It is my intent to write a real post that includes the word wind later today. Please forgive me for now.

Writing with Word

I use MS word to create my posts most of the time because Word has a good Spelling & Grammar checker. MS Word allows me to post in categories but I haven’t found a way to add tags. If Word would allow me to add tags it would be the perfect posting tool for me. The WordPress.com desktop app isn’t working well with the newest build. It hogs all of my computer resources and is very slow to respond. I hope they get it fixed soon.