This is Work

Creating my personal history is work. I’m having a very difficult time remembering the sequence of events of the late 60’s and the early 70’s. I lived in too many places and made too many moves. At what point did I buy my console stereo? At what point did I sell it to my friend Ron Mongold? As I think about the places I lived and what stereo system I had helps me to determine the decade, but where did I live when I bought the stereo. I remember having it at Ashton Avenue, but I think that was after I was asked to come back home.

I had less stereo systems than I had places to live so thinking about what stereo I had when I lived in a particular place may help. I know I bought my first TV, a Zenith 19 inch portable, when I lived at 267 G Street, which was stolen when I lived at 402 Penny Avenue. (I wonder who stole it.)

I bought my RCA TV with remote control while I lived with mom in West Jordan, and I had it at Richmond Apartments, Aunt Dorothy’s condo, and when I lived with Andy Bosse in Cottonwood Heights. I bought my big Fisher 27 inch TV when I lived with Andy, and had it at all the places I lived between then and my Saint George condo. I bought my VISIO flat screen TV while I lived at my Saint George Condo, the Fisher TV gave me about 20 years of service until it wore out.

Stereo equipment is another very different story, I’ll try to list them.

  • Zenith surround.
    • Ashton Avenue
  • GE console.
    • Ashton Avenue
    • Hawthorn Apartments
    • 4th Avenue
      Spencer Court
    • 205 2nd Avenue
  • Fisher component system.
    • 205 2nd Avenue
    • 267 G Street
    • 172 K Street
  • Sansui Quadraphonic system. (Stolen by guess who.)
    • 402 Penney Avenue
  • Kenwood Quadraphonic system with Magnavox speakers. (Which I gave to my good friend Shelia Potts.)
    • 2199 S 300 E
    • Day’s Murray Music
    • West Jordan
  • Technics rack stereo system, which I still use.
    • West Jordan (2nd time) ?? – 1985
    • Aunt Dorothy’s condo 1985 – 1987
    • Cottonwood Heights 1987 – 1989
    • Irving Heights 1989 – 1996
    • Laguna Beach 1996 – 1997
    • Greg’s House (??)
    • Riverside Apartments ? 2005
    • Sun Gardens 2005 – 2015
    • Village Apartments 2015