Recent Interest

QFor the past few days I have been reading posts about Qanon. Until recently I hadn’t heard or seen anything about that topic. I was looking at posts under the reader tab on my WordPress editor page and decided to see what was found under conservative. There was a post that interested me with the heading of ‘Q’. I found the information in the post extremely interesting. Nothing that I want to repost or quote, but I will continue to read posts about ‘Q’.

Political Madness


In my opinion many of the people in the US have gone mad. Political parties on both sides of the aisle have gone off the rails. I see dishonesty and corruption in and around most of the issues that are considered headline news. How do I determine what the truth is? How do I find the real truth?

There was a time when I trusted the news I saw on television or listened to on the radio. The news I see and hear now, coming out of washington, reminds me of grand theatre. I see our political leaders performing for the camera and not really accomplishing anything. will it ever end? When will our government officials and leaders return to the business of governing our country without prejudice?