I’ve thought that I need to write a post for a couple of days now. I am full of discouragement because I’m not sure what I want to write about today. As I have said in a previous post, I haven’t been watching much news lately because I find it Read more…



How did the earth get created? From where did the materials come? Is there more than one earth? From a religious point of view; God created the earth through the power of the Holy Priesthood. The materials were available from matter unorganized or materials floating around in space. I can’t Read more…


So much trouble

So much trouble these days. I’m talking about my WordPress website — a continuation of problems with Godaddy, my hosting company. Yesterday things were messed up.


Gun Violence

Things are heating up in the USA. So much GUN violence. Crazy people are killing innocent people for no reason using GUNS. I don’t understand the world I’m living in these days. Do I dare use the words “false flags”? What is the deep state hiding this time? Every time Read more…


Thoughts on Politics

And We Know I have wanted to write a post about my thoughts on politics and alternate news providers, most of which I find on YouTube. SerialBrain2 writes, And We Know. I discovered the, And We Know quite by accident. I was watching some other channel on YouTube, and there was Read more…


What’s going on in America?

What’s going on in America? Is civil war around the next bend in the road? Why do democrats want to turn the USA into a communist-socialist country? Why do the republicans not enforce the law and arrest the criminals in congress? Will we the people see justice and arrests of Read more…


Democrats (deleted)

The Democrats page has been Deleted – I can’t delete this page. Other pages link to this page. Now there are links to my latest posts. Select the post you want to view. View Welcome Page.

Washington DC

Tuesday Update

Tomorrow is the big day — the Mueller hearing in the House. I wonder what will be accomplished by all the falderal. The DC circus keeps getting bigger and bigger. The show is getting tiresome. The bureaucrats need to pack it in and get down to the business of running Read more…