Preparing to Write A Story

I keep thinking I’m going to write a story, something that will interest people I don’t know. The problem is I don’t know how to write. The second problem is I have a hard time thinking of something interesting to write about. Then there is a mechanical problem, I don’t touch type very well. It’s easier to hunt and peck. If I were to take two typing tests, one using touch typing and the other using my version of hunt and peck, the hunk and peck version would win. In the “My History” section of my website I have given a chronological history of where I have lived over the years. Perhaps my next story should include some events and experiences that happened in my life. It would be a rather depressing story with some good highlights now and then, but then everything smooth’s out towards the end. One of the things I’ll need to consider and think about is whether I should write in the 1st person or the 3rd person. Writing in the 3rd person will make my story less personal and may give me a chance to view things from a different perspective. Writing in the 1st person may be too revealing and cause embarrassment. Of course before I make a decision I will need to study the official definitions and rules of writing in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person.

How to Write a Story

I think I’ll start by defining my characters. They are all real people and had major influences in my life. These characters came into my life early on. I think I’ll limit the number to about 20 people or less.

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Brother
  • Stepfather
  • Step sisters
  • Childhood Friends
  • Aunts and Uncles
  • Teenage Friends
  • Adult Friends

I’ll add more to my list as I move on with my story. I had an idea while I was eating dinner. I think I’ll write my story from the point of view of someone else, like what a childhood friend that knew me well would tell you if you asked about me during my childhood.

Perhaps an opening line would be:

A new kid moved into my neighborhood the other day. His mother married the neighborhood grouch. I would see him from time to time walking through the alley behind my house. He would wave to me as he walked past my back fence, that part of my yard where the fruit trees grew. I never knew where he was going but I guessed he was going to the strip mall that was a few streets over.

After a small amount of research, I found this website that clearly explains the usage of First, Second, and Third Person .

Sneaky Ways to Eat Healthier

Sneaky Ways to Eat Healthier

Sneaky Ways to Eat Healthier

Hello Scott,You’ve probably heard it a thousand times before – “Eat more fruits and vegetables!” But if you’re a lifelong meat and potatoes eater, making that change might not come easily. Developing a taste for fruits and veggies takes time, but it can be done.Here are some tricks for adding fruits and vegetables into your diet:

• Keep fruit in plain sight. When people see food, they tend to eat it. So keep a bowl of fruit in a place where you’ll see it often, like on your kitchen counter, your coffee table, or your desk. That way you’ll always have a healthy snack nearby. If you’re on the run, take an apple or other fruit with you for a snack.

• Get sneaky. Add veggies to what you already eat! Like pasta? Try adding bell peppers, carrots, zucchini, or spinach to the pasta sauce. Add some flavor to your sandwiches with cucumbers, tomatoes, or peppers. Broccoli is a great addition to macaroni and cheese. Or make your favorite soups more interesting by tossing in some veggies.

• Just add dip. Raw vegetables can be tasty snacks when paired with dips like light salad dressings or hummus.

• Start out slow. Try aiming to add a small portion of fruits and vegetables to one meal every day, and once you’re used to that, you can increase the portion size or add some to another meal.Reminder Along with eating healthy, it’s also important to get your medical tests every year. Your doctor can’t help you if they don’t know how you’re doing. So call them soon to see what tests you’re due for!

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