It’s been a while since I wrote a post. I’m the kind of person that loses interest in things when they become a task rather than a desire, and writing posts for the “Daily Post” became a chore. I also lost interest because I was writing to please the program rather than to please myself. I had lost my craving to be creative.

I have been reading a lot of posts trying to get an idea or some inspiration to help me write better posts. During this research I also read many “About” pages. I found most “About” pages to be very uninformative. In many cases the about page was written as another blog post not providing any information about the person writing the blog. I think an “About” page should provide information about the writer like a name (at least a first name), a location (where do you live), your gender or a picture of yourself. And a generalization of who you are and what you are interested in. I have started reading the about page first, if there is no information about who you are I generally won’t read your blog posts. I like to know who is writing what I am reading.


Day Four: Identify Your Audience

A small explanation is needed for this post. I am trying to combine two WordPress programs into my daily post writing. The first is the “The Daily Post” the second is “Learning the Fundamentals”. This post is my first attempt.Today’s Learning the Fundamentals assignment is to write a post to identify my audience. Since I’m not sure who I want my audience to be I am going to start with politics and the November election (for now). Because my WordPress site is self-hosted my posts don’t show up on the WordPress reader, but if I include the Daily Post prompts in my posts I may acquire some readers and comments.


What is foremost on my mind today is the upcoming election. I am thoroughly disgusted with the direction this country (United States of America) is going. I know I don’t want to have to listen to Hillary’s screechy voice for the next four to eight years, I can’t stand the woman. I find her very offensive. Hillary and her protégé Barack Obama don’t know what the word truth means. Nothing but lies and deception come from their lips. I don’t want to see Hillary win the election just because she would be the first female president.

At the same time, I’m not fond of Donald Trump. I don’t trust him either. I like the fact that he isn’t a career politician but I believe strongly that he is a member of the Illuminati, the creators of the New World Order. I don’t trust those in society that are in a position of power because of their wealth. Are there no longer members of society that are not influenced by power or wealth that are qualified to hold the office of President of the United States? Are there not members of society that desire honesty and integrity in our elected officials? Is honesty such an elusive quality in our time that society is fooled by the grand illusion that is produced by members of our government? I for one am looking for truth and honesty from our elected officials. What about you?