What a ride!

What a RideI was dissatisfied with the hosting WordPress offered even though it was not too expensive. But after using WordPress hosting several of the features I needed, or wanted, were not available unless I upgraded to premium or business hosting. I looked around and decided to host my website on GoDaddy. The price was right, only $12.00 a year. (a special offer). I moved my WordPress site using an exported xml file. The initial import went well, and my site loaded perfectly.

While I was updating my pages and posts (many things get broken during an import) my GoDaddy hosting kept going down. I called support and they couldn’t find anything wrong. I kept updating my pages and my site would go off-line when I tried to save my work. I called GoDaddy support again to no avail. My site went back on-line while I was waiting for my turn. To correct the problem (if it was something I had done) I removed my site and imported it again. That was a mistake. Most of the media would not import, the system said it already existed.

During all of this, while I was again trying to repair my post and pages, the server came back with a server error that indicated the server was undergoing scheduled maintenance and to check back in a minute. I gave up for the night and went to bed. Now it is the next day and everything seems to be going well. I haven’t had any failures so far today.

My Journey to WordPress

I started to write a story about how I got to this WordPress blog. I originally wanted a simple short story but found my story was getting far too complicated and would be of limited interest. Let me just say after much trial and error my website ended up being hosted on the WordPress servers. I find WordPress hosting to be inadequate in that most of the features I had on other hosting services require an upgrade on WordPress.  Since I paid for a years’ worth of hosting I’ll have to do with the features that come with the personal plan. I’ll relocate my website in another year.

Another Change

Another major change is taking place with this website. The hosting company I’m using for my website is doubling their hosting fee. I’m not going to pay, so I’m moving my site back to “artisteer.net”. My site gets almost no visitors and I rarely write any posts these days so why should I pay for hosting service? I keep my domain name so I can have my email address. Well enough of this post for now. Maybe more later . . .

Writing with Word

I use MS word to create my posts most of the time because Word has a good Spelling & Grammar checker. MS Word allows me to post in categories but I haven’t found a way to add tags. If Word would allow me to add tags it would be the perfect posting tool for me. The WordPress.com desktop app isn’t working well with the newest build. It hogs all of my computer resources and is very slow to respond. I hope they get it fixed soon.

Multiple Blogs

After trying to be sophisticated and have several blog pages I decided to consolidate and just maintain one blog. It will be this blog located at www.sjn.us  Maintaining more than one site doesn’t work. WordPress.com only allows one ping-back per URL.

New Theme

Wow, I updated my website with a new theme today. What a job. Exporting posts doesn’t include the pictures. Now I will have to manually re-insert all of the pictures in my posts. That’s okay, I’ve done it before. One good thing, there are place holders for the pictures I need to Insert, and I will get to review all of my posts.


Do you ever find that you have too many choices? I am in a conundrum. There are too many ways to post, and edit posts on my WordPress blog site. There is the official WordPress dashboard. There is Microsoft Live Writer. There is Microsoft Word. I can also use my Journal program. They are all good programs, but I find that the only place I can finalize my post is on the official WordPress dashboard.

Using Microsoft Word allows me to insert tables and other Word features into my blog post, so Word does have its good points. What it lacks is the option of adding Tags to my posts. To do that I have to go to the WordPress dashboard. There are other editing tools available that I haven’t tried. If I keep searching I may find one that does all I need it to do.

For now I’ll use Microsoft Word and the WordPress dashboard. Thanks for reading.



Scott Logo 75x75I’ve had some trouble with my website the past few days. The latest thing is most of my pictures disappeared. I was going to try to fix it myself but decided to put in a service ticket. I’m glad I made that decision, the hosting company corrected the problem in a lot less time than it would have taken me to re-upload all the pictures and insert them back into my pages. Good job www.siteground.com.

Lots of Work

wordpressMoving and converting my website to a WordPress hosted site was no easy task. I think the project is finally finished. My WordPress site looks exactly like my Artisteer site. I can still use my Artisteer software to modify pages, but there is no easy way to automatically update my site. But I have found a way. Writing posts is easy, I just use the WordPress site software like I wanted to do with Artisteer.net.

Th major problem I found was when I imported my site everything looked normal until I noticed that all the pictures were pointing to my Artisteer site; not what I had in mind. I painstakingly downloaded all the pictures on my Artisteer site and uploaded and inserted them into my WordPress site. Now I con remove the content from the Artisteer.net site.