Kitty Kitty

star-2018-1I have had my cat Star for 12 years. We have gotten to know each other very well. As is usually the case, when I start to use my computer she is very interested in what I’m doing. She even likes to help me type. We have our daily routine. I’ve written about that in an earlier post.

I bought a laser light, the kind that makes a small red dot. I have gotten other cat toys and she basically ignores them, but the red dot she loves to chase around the room. She loves the dot so much she has a cleaver way of asking me to play. She hides along the side of my sofa and stares at me. If I don’t respond she arches her back and fluffs her tail and runs to the other side of the room and back. How can I resist an invitation like that. So we play for a while.


Star 2-6-16-large

Are you a guest in your own home? If you’re a cat person and your cat likes you then you’re a guest. My cats name is Star; she has allowed me to live with her for just over eight years. We’ve become great friends yet she always lets me know who’s in charge. Star has her daily routine and she’s not shy about reminding me if I forget to do something for her on time. It’s all worth it though when she comes and sits on my lap and asks me to pet her. Purr . . .

My Mornings

It’s hard for me to find something to write about. If I wrote about my daily activities my readers eyes would roll up to the back of their heads. At this time in my life everything is very routine. Nothing much changes from day-to-day. The hardest decision I have to make is “what should I have for dinner today?” not very exciting.

Today for example, I slept until 9:00 AM, and I would have slept later except my cat starts to pester me to be fed around 8:30 AM. My cat is very tenacious when she wants to be fed. She starts out by meowing very quietly for about 15 minutes. If that doesn’t wake me up she will jump up onto my bed and start walking around me making tiny little meows for a few minutes. The next step in her routine is to jump back and forth across my body trying to joggle me awake. By this time I am just ignoring her, and she knows I am awake. Her next and final trick is to jump on my belly, which usually does the trick. I get up and feed her.

Anyway that is a typical morning for me and my cat. Not too exciting is it.


All Is Well

September 30, 2015

I have been living with my cat for about seven years. She is very much an adult cat. As cats go she is very shy. She is a one person cat. She doesn’t take well to strangers. She is the ruler of my household, and she is very regimented. She likes structure, she tells me when it’s time to eat and to play and when to be friends. Her routine doesn’t vary very much from day to day.

Star Update

Star 2-6-16-largeWow, I haven’t written about my cat in several years. I posted several stories about her when she was my new pet, but not much since then. She has grown into a very unique cat with her own unusual cat temperament. The older she gets the more she gets set in her ways, just like her human caretaker.

Over the 7 or 8 years that I have had the privilege of her company we have developed a very strict daily routine. When I was working the routine was very simple, I would feed her before and after work. She would spend a little time letting me pet her then she would go do what cats do and go to sleep. [There was a short period of time when she trained me to feed her in the middle of the night. She would meow and jump around on the bed until I got up and gave her some canned food, I put an end to that behavior.]

Now that I’m home most of the time her routine has gotten more structured. Star is a very persistent animal, she rarely takes no for an answer. Starting about 8:00 A.M. Star meows and jumps over me while I’m sleeping until I get out of bed. I eventually get up and feed her. She is very spoiled, she has to have canned food or she is not satisfied.

Start EartingSometimes she thinks she needs more to eat, she then goes and sits by her food dish and stares at me and meows until I give her more food. She then goes to use her cat box. She likes to keep regular. When she is satisfied and if it’s a sunny day she will sleep in the window for several hours. She has other places she likes to sleep but mostly in the window. She is pretty quiet for most of the day except for the lunch hour.  About noon or 1:00 P.M. she decides it’s time for her second helping of canned food, then back to sleep.

Star is a loyal cat, she is usually not very far away from me. When I’m watching TV or doing something in the living room she is in the living room. If I go to the bathroom she follows me in there. When I go to my bedroom she follows me there. She doesn’t like me to work on my computer. She gets on my desk and walks back and forth in front of the monitor until I can convince her to go lay down.

Star on CouchAround 9:00 P.M. Star goes and scratches on the glass in the oven door. She is telling me it’s time for her evening treat. I get about ten of the cat treats out of the bag and throw them for her to chase. That’s about the only exercise she gets, chasing her cat treats. Sometimes she goes and sits by the fridge. I keep her toy on top of the fridge. She likes to chase it around and catch it until I let it fly across the room, she gets very excited and collects the toy and brings it back to me for more chasing. When she was younger this could go on for about an hour, but now she only plays for about 15 minutes.

When I go to bed Star gets in her loving mood. She will get on the bed with me, she likes to lay on my chest and belly so I can pet her. This behavior has been going on since nearly the first day I got her. When she was very little she would lay on my right shoulder to keep warm. As she grew she moved down to my chest. Laying on my chest and belly can happen several times a night. If I get up to have a midnight snack then lay back down she will again come lay on my belly so I can pet her. She’ll stay there as long as I continue to pet her, but once I stop she gets down to find her own place to sleep, usually in an open drawer in my chest of drawers.

Then it all starts again the next morning.

It’s Been About Five Years

July 15, 2012

It’s been about five years since my last post, Star is still my cat. She and I have quite an interesting relationship. As I may have said once before – she has me well trained.

Star – My New Cat

Compiled – June 29, 2007

Star – My New Cat . . . Friday, June 29, 2007

If I were going to write a tail about my cat where would I start. I guess I would start with when I got her. She was very small, and I knew I liked here right from the beginning. She loved me from the first as well.

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