I have spent the afternoon exploring the WordPress DailyPost sites and reading blog posts from days gone by. I have also been searching the internet for free online creative writing courses. There are not many free courses available. I discovered a site that looks promising. The cost is minimal and it’s a learn as you go e-mail course.

I have discovered that reading posts from other bloggers is a very good way to learn. There are a lot of very talented writers on WordPress. Many writers have very interesting stories to tell, some of which I want to continue reading as more is written.


As I read todays prompt “unstoppable” I thought about a train moving rapidly down the tracks. The momentum and speed of the train make it unstoppable without previous planning. The engineer needs several minutes to slow the train and prepare for a scheduled stop. Unfortunately, bad habits are like fast moving trains, very hard to stop. Over the years I have developed many bad habits that need to be stopped. Procrastination being the foremost on the list. Inactivity being another. I procrastinate every day when it comes to writing my blog. It’s much easier to watch TV, or better yet take a nap.

To help me to stop procrastinating I have developed a daily routine. When I wake up I thank God for the new day and allowing me to be part of it. I then make an entry in my journal. Writing on my blog has helped me with my journal writing. After my journal I read some news on the internet, usually not much because the news is extremely depressing to me. Then I read my email and look for the likes or comments on my blog posts. There are several more activities, but at some point I read the blog posts of the writers I’m following.

I then get around to writing my post for the day. Some of my posts are quite good others not so much. When I take the time to read what others write, and then think about what they are saying and how they are saying it, then I’m learning. I think that’s what blogging is all about, sharing experiences and feelings, learning from others. I can experience the adventures and lessons other people write about, and even dream about writing my own, whether real or imagined.

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