the man in the high castle I recently signed up for an “” Prime video trial and started watching “The man in the High Castle”.

There are numerous TV shows and movies to choose from. I was pulled in to the series from the very first scene. The show is about what the United States would be like if the allies hadn’t won the Second World War.

Germany and Japan are the occupying forces. Germany occupies the Eastern Seaboard to past the Mississippi river including most of the plains states to the Rocky Mountains. Japan occupies the area from the Pacific Coast to a curving line just east of the Nevada border. There is a Neutral Zone in-between the two occupying forces. As might be expected the Japanese and German political aspirations are not the same. There is a feeling of conflict and imminent confrontation throughout each episode.

the man in the high castle

The desires and designs of the Japanese and German forces are anything but aimless. There are strong agendas on both sides of the Neutral Zone and the Neutral Zone will most likely be immersed in the conflict. There are many personal relationships and subplots to keep things interesting.

I haven’t watched the entire series “therefore, I can’t report how things will end up. There will most likely be another season of episodes to watch.

To me “the man in the HIGH CASTLE’ is a 5-star TV series.


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